If you would like to clear all logged data from a stream, use the clear stream form and fill in the form with your public and private keys. If you would like to completely remove your stream including all stream metadata, please visit the documentation for deleting a stream.

HTTP Request Examples

If you would like to make the clear request manually, you can make either a HTTP GET or HTTP DELETE request. If your client supports it, you should always use the HTTP DELETE method to clear data. Replace PUBLIC_KEY and PRIVATE_KEY with the keys provided to you when you created the stream.

GET http://data.sparkfun.com/input/PUBLIC_KEY/clear?private_key=PRIVATE_KEY
curl -X GET 'http://data.sparkfun.com/input/PUBLIC_KEY/clear?private_key=PRIVATE_KEY'

When making a HTTP DELETE request, you should send your PRIVATE_KEY using the Phant-Private-Key request header.

DELETE http://data.sparkfun.com/input/PUBLIC_KEY
curl -X DELETE 'http://data.sparkfun.com/input/PUBLIC_KEY' \
  -H 'Phant-Private-Key: PRIVATE_KEY'