To create a data stream, you will need to provide a title, description, tags, and fields. You will also be able to choose whether or not you would like your stream to be visible or hidden from the public stream list.


The stream title can be anything you’d like, but try to not make it too generic. For example, Uniontown Weather Feed is a better title than My Weather Station.


The description field allows you to give a short overview of your project so others will have an idea of what your data represents.


Fields are the names of the variables you are posting to the server. If you are collecting weather data, your field names would look something like wind, temp, and rain. Field names must not contain spaces, and should only include letters, numbers and underscores.


Tags allow you to categorize your streams, and will make them easier to find when browsing through the public stream list. For example, if you tagged your stream with earthquake and california, your stream would be categorized with other streams that use those specific tags.